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NY Child Support for Equal Parenting

When parents share parenting time equally in New York, how do you calculate child support? Family Law Software give you a quick and easy way to come up with the right answer.

In New York, the “custodial parent” who has more than equal time with the children, pays the “non-custodial parent” child support under the NY Child Support Guidelines. If the parents equally share the children, generally the higher earning parent pays the support amount to the lower earning parents. However, if the Guideline child support amount does not fit the parenting plan, parents can consider a different amount that works for them.

Family Law Software has tools to help parents figure out what the right amount of child support is for their children.

Let’s take John and Susan who have two children.   They are going to parent the children with equal time and equally share the cost of the children’s school, medical, and extraordinary expenses.    But they are trying to decide how much child support John, who earns more than Susan, will pay as child support.

The Guideline amount of $1,385 per month leaves John with 42% and Susan 58% of the total after tax income and the parties intend for each person to have equal after tax money to spend.

Using the Family Law Software tools, $750 of child support will equalize their income accomplishing their goal.

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