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Negotiate tab improvements

The Negotiate tab now has a different organization and fewer entries, thus making the most important ones easier to find.

Take a look at the new menu, shown below.

It is now organized by task — What If, Spousal Maintenance, Property Division, Arrears — rather than by source of income. It should now be faster and easier to find what you want.

If you have not used these tools, give them a try! They are now easier to use, and they can really help you in your practice.

New “Alimony Needed” Calculators

The old “Alimony Needed” page is gone, and there are now two new calculators in its place.

“Balance Incomes” lets you see how much alimony you need in order to reach a 50/50 after-tax allocation of incomes. (You can also aim for 55/45 or any other combination.)

“Recipient income” lets you see how much alimony you need in order for the recipient to reach an after-tax income you specify.

The functionality is the same as it was before, but the pages have been redesigned to be clearer and easier to use.

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